Iranian-American Writer

has a soft heart for creatives

creates emotionally complex stories

from the midwest

lives in the south

has been called a “Persian Georgia Peach”

is inspired often

always looks back

tries not to Capricorn too hard

writes literary women’s fiction and more

published works

“Capacity” in Wild Roof Journal, 2023

“The Migratory Patterns of Serious Girls” in Heartwood, 2021

“1995” in Parhelion, 2020

“Macarona bil Laban Recipe & Story: A Guest Post Fig and Quince, 2020

“Vela” in Hungry Chimera, 2019

House Lust” in Sweatpants & Coffee, 2016

Explorations | Keepsakes | Connections at Memory Box Mom 2014- present

current novel manuscript, “Ellie, Maman

Nominated in 2021 for the UCLA Allegra Johnson Writing Prize